Anxious Parents

Just last night, I was at one of the thousands of christmas parties we have to attend in this festive season. To my surprise, it was enjoyable but I always feel a bit awkward in these settings.

Anyway, long story short after being late like always, I ended up sitting in front of a mum in her forties. She was very nice and even though I didn’t know her much before that she was quite open with me and the others alike.

She was worrying that her 15-year-old son was secretly dating a 17-year-old girl. Everyone on the table wasn’t surprised that her son started dating girls. After that she told us that her son wants to watch a movie at home or have a sleep over with her.

It was clear that her son wanted to get friendly with the opposite sex.

six gif

This colleague was dead worried that her son would be prone to have sex especially since the girl was almost legal.  I wouldn’t blame her, if I was in her place I would be anxious too.

For these situations, having a good relationship with your children is key. Being able to listen and guide them without brute force is the best way to deal with a growing teenager. Be a friend that isn’t be too nosey about everything.

He/she is gonna do mistakes, which he/she will learn from. Don’t be a know it all; an asscrack in your kids eyes. Let him experience life, while planting seeds of advice as he grows up to be an adult.

I’ve been a teenager and kept many secrets from my parents, but I knew I could always go back to them if I was ever in doubt or in need of help. I also remember that while I fought with them constantly, I always listened to what they had to say.

Somehow, their advice somewhat stuck at the back of my head. Even though I never admitted to it, their words were always important to me and I respected and still respect them to this day.

Thanks Mum and Dad ❤

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Words of Osiris

I'm a 33 year old soul, whose need to express himself was not satisfied by the common social media. While others vomit words with little thought, I will try my best to fill the void they have created. Born, raised, and reside on the cursed islands of Malta. I studied Sciences my whole life and always wanted to have a space where I can release my creative demons. In this blog, scientific objectiveness will meet the cry of different opinions and thought-invoking tales. Subjects will vary from the futile to the world changing.

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