Men in 2018: the weaker sex?

The evolution of men

In the not so distant past, men had an important place in society. In politics, they defined the world and where it was going. In our homes, they were the bread winners, which would come from work to rest and spent some time entertaining the family. Men were also the muscle of our workforce.

twenty four

I grew up in a family where my dad was the man of the house, and he still is. Mum’s opinion was always a second. Nowadays men are seen as equal to the women, as it should be. Times have changed.

Thoroughly glad with this change and many men like me, have embraced it too. We cook, clean and do bits and bobs around the house. We help around because nowadays we both have the same lifestyles and routines.

Yet, there is still a category of women which still want to be the queens of the house, and end up telling off any effort a man does especially when cleaning around the house. We are always seen as less competent in our homes, as women were seen decades ago in other sectors of society.

Just this morning a colleague saw me clean the table we’re about to dine on and said “I think I never seen a man so competent in cleaning.” I thanked her for the compliment, but deep inside I felt hurt.

We’re hurt because our new role in the house is looked down upon by judging women.

“A man can never clean like a woman.” or “I don’t like how my husband cleans, I usually just redo it.” are all words I hear much too often being said.

There might be some truth in all of it. You still hear of men that still have the ideology of ‘women in the kitchen, men at work’ even though an ever-growing number of females have joined the work force. They lazy off and leave it to the able women, to the women’s detriment.

This is where our sense of duty as men should kick in, just as it would do at any other task. Women have been doing this for years now.

Not to be sexist or anything but in my eyes, I think women are much better than us. I’ve seen it in the way they can organise, the larger number of women in university than men (at least in Malta), and their determination in being something better.

twenty four 2.jpg
A sign used in the war but a symbol of women power even till this day.

While men expect to have a place of authority like they have always had, women are working hard at it and pretty much are owning what they deserve.

All of this boils down to where does the strength of men lie in this day and age. Our ability to work most manual jobs makes the sector still in our ballpark.

Alas, is that it?

How can we make more men continue studying even to the tertiary level? Will men to be the kings of the mop? Are men ready to change into something better for our families and society overall?

Comment below and tell me what you think!



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