Those were the days…

Just yesterday I was small talking with a colleague and she mentioned the good old days. The days when she was young. Days in which her young self would go buy items from the grocer’s alone. Nowadays, she exclaimed, it’s not safe. Too much harassment, too many cars, and a whole list of other reasons.

Talking about my 31-year-old myself, young me would bike at night, all the time, driving my mother dead worried. As a thirteen year old I also started catching the bus to go to my athletics sessions. All this unsupervised, free from watchfully eyes, on my own. I think the sense of liberty and responsibility did change my view on life, and is healthy for every kid.

nostalgia (noun):
a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

This longing nostalgic tone is ever-present in our day-to-day talk. Yet, we should thread carefully on these idealisations. We forget the limitations our previous generations had when growing up. The eldest of kids forced to take care of the younger ones, few job opportunities, little to nowhere to go or do in the weekends and the list can go on for ages. One can argue that it was a simpler life, but it was confined to our small island. Our kids will see horizons few of us had the pleasure to lay eye on.

I won’t even go into the thousands of social, medical and scientific advancements we take for granted.

In a way I do feel bad for children growing up today, but for different reasons. My kids will face more global warming and men’s greed side effects, probably have to rent house that they will never own and be void of many green spots in our little island.

With time everything changes, and there is no stopping it. Let’s only hope time changes things for the better.

Featured photo: Edson Chilundo

Kids…What’s not to love?

Children and us adults.

Some hate them, some can’t stand them, others have them, then grumble about them and you even find some that love kids but would never have their own.

Most parents call them the best thing that ever happened in their life, yet we see them miserable and in some cases on the verge of losing it.

Let’s get this elephant out of the room, raising children isn’t in my resumé but I have observed couples in the wild and have become very appreciative of their experiences.

Lets be frank, having children is one of the most resource consuming commitments you will have in your life.

Frightfully, I hear a lot of people say how boring their actual lives are. Everything revolves around your kids.

A colleague of mine told me, ” Listen, enjoy your days were you wake up at 10am. If kids get in the picture, it’s 7am everyday. Even if you plan to stay asleep, the kids will wake up early and trash it all. Enjoy it, while it lasts.”

twelve 2.jpg

The last time I met a friend of mine, he started muttering on how costly all the immunisation are and how costly raising a child has become.

In an open heart conversation, a relative told me how annoying it is to have a child with budding teeth. Poor little one cries out of the blue and barely sleeps at night.

If you can recall from my previous post, I met a parent of a 15 year-old, which was facing the dilemmas of dealing with a teenager.

So, with all the lack of personal space and free-time comes a myriad of other stuff. Therefore, I do understand all the ones out there who preferred not to raise any kids.

I personally see myself as guy who loves to work on myself, but I also believe raising a child is a beautiful thing.

I see children as a long-term goal. In a world where we want everything as fast as our internet, children have become quite a feat in our eyes.

Having said that, the same people I talked end up forgetting all their troubles as soon as they hold their child and are a true testament of maternal/paternal love.

It is true, for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, having kids must be one of the biggest commitments but also one of the greatest joys in life.