Intelligence…but what is it really?

Intelligence is something we all look for, be it in employees, colleagues, best friends or partners. Yet, its definition seems vague. No one really knows what intelligence is until they actually see it.

Intelligent people are usual those that understand a concept quickly and don’t need to study hard to get straight ‘A’s in their exams. Or is it? Is that a good mind coupled with a somewhat even better memory? We had a debate at work on who is really intelligent, those that study hard or those who put little effort and still pull out brilliance. Well I lean more to the latter. Studying hard is a kind of academic intelligence, but it stems from character. Should people who study or work hard be looked as less brilliant? There is room for endless debate.

forty four intext

Emotional intelligence and creative intelligence are of equal importance in our lives, and are usually forgotten or disregarded. Not all people can understand emotion even if brilliant in academical studies. Many savants are proof of this. They’re geniuses in their field but tend to lack in other areas such as social interacts. To analyse better the importance of emotional intelligence I performed a thought experiment. Let’s say an alien lands on earth and knows nothing about science equations and the likes, but can communicate and truly understand your deepest emotions.

Will you deem it to be intelligent life?

Intelligence in my eyes, branches in two, emotional and problem solving. The latter encompasses an understanding of concepts and using those concepts in a creative way. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understanding emotions or to convey them creatively through a medium, be it art, spoken words or gestures. For me, both branches are as important. Picasso as brainy as Einstein.

I still remember a classmate of mine at university that really didn’t care about grades, but in the laboratory he used to always find a creative way to solve problems. That always struck me in people. Their ability to come through where others get stuck, in emotions, creativity or problem solving alike.

For me those are our everyday geniuses.

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Run, the Clock is Ticking

It has been around for millennia and is still being practiced today. The sport of the classical era, athletics. Truth be told, running as a sport is as simple as it gets. Nothing to it really, just putting one foot in front of the other. Piece of cake. or is it?

Running might well be the only sport where you have to be active through the whole event. A true endurance sport which, in my opinion, is under-appreciated. There’s no need of cumbersome equipment, no dependence on enormous and expensive stadiums, just you and the road. As pure as it gets.

For me, running off into the distance is the best feeling ever. It frees the mind and keeps your heart healthy. Some say its as good as having chocolate. Scientifically speaking there is some truth to that. Good old endorphins are released into your blood stream, and chemicals called anandamides gush to your brain to give you the famous runner’s high.

Competitive or not, running will always have a special place in my heart as a sport. While beating down the track, trying to improve your time, you harbour that determination and spirit that fuels you through life. Seconds turn to minutes, shredded from your personal best. It may not be flamboyant as football or other team sports or as action packed as a video game, but few are the sports which are completely about you and what you’re capable of.

You fight your demons, while persuing your goals. It’s you against the tick of the clock.

Just run.

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Answering the age old question…

For centuries great philosophers have battled to solve this question. Even Deep Thought spent 10-million years pondering about it in the book by Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

What is the meaning of life?

Seems quite ambitious to write down an answer in a couple of hundred words, but here’s my take on it.

For most, life is a struggle. Work, family, social pressures are all daily battles we are confronted with. A film springs to mind, one starring Will Smith, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. How many the struggles, life seems worth for those happy moments, the simple pleasures in life. We just want to be happy, and some go as far as to claim it is all they want in life.

Thirty seven

Is happiness all we strive for? Is the pursuit of happiness the key to give meaning to our lives? For me it certainly isn’t. While being happy on this earth is definitely something we all strive for, there is definitely more to it.

We must dig deeper and understand why we want to be happy. We’re happy when we or someone at heart manage to fulfill their heart’s desires. Be it financial security, having a relationship with a long time crush or scoring a high score in Tetris, they are all indelible marks in our future. While bragging rights on high scoring tetris doesn’t get you far, having money and a soul mate are all signs of a brighter future.

Our future takes centre stage when making many existential choices. For me, making our future promising is the crux of living life. While pleasure and happiness are fleeting, being a positive change can outlast our mortality. Be it to yourself, your kids, workplace or the entire planet, your efforts will make a difference.

Some call it acting on ‘God’s will’, improving your karma, or straight up doing ‘the right thing’; call it what you want but, being in the driver seat to a positive and evergreen future definitely breathes meaning into your days, months and years.


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What inspires us?

The monotony of the every day life is something we all face at some point or another. Everything becomes routine, everthing becomes mondain. We all need that something to tickles our brains, and make life gleam with interest.

Inspiration (noun): the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As a full time laboratory analyst, compliance is the name of the game. I have to be creative elsewhere and this is why I started this blog in the first place. Our creative nature drives us to accomplish something we are proud of. It could be a sunset or a fast lambo which triggers you to grab a brush and paint or open the business you always dreamt about opening.

Yet most of us need an external catalyst. Youtubers, sportsmen, colleagues, friends and family are your weavers of inspiration, your role models. From this stems the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Go-getters will always open your eyes to how much more you can do.

We are still missing the last piece of the puzzle. The cherry on the cake. The focus of all inspiration goes into aspiring for awesomeness , greatness, beauty, or success. You want to get that rush and overwhelming feeling of satifaction after you have achieved your goal.

Therefore remember, if the journey to greatness has a long learning curve, keep your inspirational catalysts close and never forget why you started in the first place.

If you feel inspired, don’t hold it in.

A Story of Loneliness, Depression, Assignments & Threats – My University of Malta story

I spent almost two and a half years at the University of Malta and as you can see from the title they weren’t the best years of my life.

I’m out of Junior College, hating school life and I’m already swept into a class full of blank faces. I started Uni, the so-called last stage before getting a certificate and working your arse off for the rest of your long life.

I was probably in the worst mental state of my life, I couldn’t get myself to do any extra work, and waking up in the morning was a chore in itself. I used to run from the bus stage at times just to make it a minute or two shy of being on time. I was in such a slumber that even my socialising skills were burnt to the ground.

Anyway, no real friends around even though there were some good people who gave me rides home and tried to help. The rest were strangers. Students who would copy off assignments from previous year students or one another. Some even signed off attendance sheets for friends who didn’t attend class.

Meanwhile, lonely me didn’t even have a chance of a humane discussion on our latest assignment with anyone. As time goes by I was giving in and started to spiral down in an even deeper depression. I hid into gaming while trying to forget the misery.

credit: Pexels: Soumir Kumar

Through all this time of hardship, I don’t think anyone knew how beaten down I really was. I pushed away even the dearest of friends. My parents having marital troubles of their own never took a hard look at me and attributed all this to me just slacking off.

You can imagine I wasn’t the lecturers’ pet, and they made sure to make me feel I shouldn’t be there. One lecturer said:

Only one person failed the last exam. I made sure that whoever deserved to pass, did so” and looked at me straight in the eye.

It was me. I had a mark of 44 out of the pass mark of 45. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. They clearly tampered with the results. I repeated my first year.

In my repeater year, I did better and thankfully I had some friends. I also developed a crush on a girl who was in a relationship, more soul-crushing stuff in that department.

To sum it up, Uni still felt like it wasn’t for me. My brain had always let me down.

fourthy one
credit: Pexels: Pixabay

The second year starts and I had the head of the Biology department come up to me in his car at the lecturers’ car park:

“You already missed two classes, if you miss another one, I’ll make sure you’ll fail on the next one you miss,” he said

“But I was sick, I have all the required doctor’s certificates,” I muttered shyly.

“Doesn’t matter, those are the rules. Miss another one and you’ll fail, ok?” he replied.

I nodded and he drove off. I knew that I didn’t miss classes out of the blue or posed as sick. At that time, we had a maximum of missing three lectures and I was threatened to fail after losing two with valid reasons.

This was done in the face of clear attendance abuses from my classmates. We had some lecturers calling out the names of people after signing the attendance and five or six people (from around forty) were all magically in the bathroom.

Back to me, I was certainly in the crosshair of my lecturers. After that, I started to crumble and gave up. I was done with studying and all of this crap.

A few weeks later, I applied for a full-time job and got it. Was like breathing pure oxygen into old smoker lungs. My mood changed, my life changed, for the better. I left University on a note of mental health issues but I was sure I wasn’t going back. That was the end of probably the bleakest chapter in my life.

Featured picture: Pexels – Pixabay.

I’m learning Korean & Here’s Why

I have more than my fair share of work on my plate. With an assignment looming, objectives for my thesis to define, full-time job, and a blog to mantain…I have hardly any time for myself. That’s exactly why I just started to learn Korean.

Sometimes, you just need something to get disconnected or better to connect you with yourself. I’m doing something that gives me instant gratification, just as for me playing an online game would.

And gaming is the catalyst and reason why I’m learning Korean. Korea’s national sport is eSports, and watching Koreans play is a marvel of modern times. Maybe, one day, I’ll be a translator…a man can dream, can’t he?

Anyhow, learning something new everyday gives joy to your long-term goals filled days.

thirty four.png

Currently, I’m just learning the symbols and what they sound like, yet I find it insanely rewarding. I’m understanding a language that for most are just a bunch of scribbles.

I do it during my coffee break at work, while having a cup of tea after work, or as soon as I wake up. Even before I sleep.  It’s just 5 minutes, where you’ll see me tapping away on my screen and muttering sounds.

In a world where,

…New year’s resolutions last a fortnight…

…A part-time degrees take years…

…Jobs are an endless routine…

…A blog is a marathon rather than a sprint,

everyone should try reward him/herself with a short-term delight.

Treat yourself and feel fulfilled. 


Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

Growing up made me realise on how many great people there are. Then there’s me.

In the bleep of my existence, I try to compete with such people. People who proudly put countless effort to be the very best they can.

Let’s brush through to my achievements:

My early years, 9-16 year old:
  • Athletics: was a good athlete but never competed at an international event or represented my country. Won some trophies!
  • Music: I used to play the B(flat) Baritone Horn for a number of years, won some awards from my local band club.
  • School: I was never an A student, but did pass my test easily with little to no studying
twenty six.jpg
Some of my trophies, still keep them in my room

The above were the golden years, I miss them.

The tormented years 16-21 year old:
  • Athletics: developed a chronic injury, used to end up in such pain that I had to take pain killers after a session.
  • Music: had my braces riveted to my teeth, took a break but never started again. Was never my favourite.
  • School: with the help of some private lessons I made it into University, where I dropped out after repeating my first year.
  • Gaming: my only get away. Played an online game called ‘Knight Online’ for countless hours. Was really good at it at one point.
Twenty six 2
Was one of the best Rogues on the Edana Server
Adult life till present:
  • Athletics: I stay in front of a computer more often than not.
  • Music: not a huge part of my life, though I still appreciate it.
  • School: started reading for a degree in Life Sciences (Hons.), made good progress achieving Distinction passes in most of my modules. Hope the important ones will go as well.
  • Gaming: I do try to game whenever I can, I noticed that without constant practice I’m an average player at most.
  • Work: had the same job of Laboratory Analyst for 10 years now. I did have good times in my job, where I was considered one of the best in my section, but it’s past now.

Why am I doing this….well, I don’t feel good at anything anymore. I’m just an average bloke.

Even with regards to inter-personal relationships or knowledge, I feel average.

What defined me when I was young, especially athletics, have now faded into nothing. I’m not the best or surprisingly good at anything anymore.

I’m not saying this for the attention. This is how I truly feel.

Twenty six 4


I wish to change that, but circumstances influence the ability to change.

Going back to being an athlete would be great, but that would mean subtracting something else from my life, maybe after my studies are done.

Music doesn’t really interest me anymore, I prefer playing records or audio files.

School takes up a lot of my current time, can’t wait for all this to end. Never liked school.

Gaming would require endless hours of honing my skills and again it’s too much time for such a little reward. Me and gaming are in a love and hate relationship. To be honest, I wish I had more time and be good at it.

Work, that is my only zone I currently can keep improving on. I have to do it anyway, might as well do it well. I wish I would be a respected analyst, one everyone would ask for some help or trusted with that all important analysis without a glimpse of doubt.

I have a long way to go, the lust for the job had deserted me for a long time. My skills laid stagnant. Talking to others on the job makes me realise how little assets I have. They have tons of experience and know-how that I don’t.

Besides all of this, the mental stress of such a job has made me wishing I had another alley to go through.

While I love blogging, I don’t really think I’m the best at it either. My english is quite bare even though I try my best to hide it. Some bloggers tend to get more likes with much less effort. I do feel disheartened at times but I don’t want this to be another failure. Even here I have a long way to go.

So here I am. Feeling like I’m ok at quite a lot of things, but I still long the feeling of being good at something which I have a passion for. I long to have an insatiable desire to do something and be great at it. That brain tingling sensation that you feel when you achieved greatness.

Do you ever feel the same?

What is fueling your motivation to become the best?

Leave me a comment down below!