To Hell and back!

Hey there,

After disappearing for months, I’m back to give this blog another shot, another spree of life.

During the past months, I focused myself completely into finishing off my degree’s final project. It was titled ‘A Review of Electrochemical Research into Reduced Graphene Oxide, N-Graphene and Co-doped Metal-Free Graphene as Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reactions in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells’

Scary isn’t it?

That was my life, but now it’s done and dusted. Hopefully I’ll get a good mark to finish off my 5+ years of part-time studying.

Time to move on and do other things. I feel just like a kid in summer vacation, and here are my plans for the near future:

  • Revitalise my blog with fresh content
  • Try my hand at video editing, will start off with mixing a video of my last vacation
  • Rank up in League of Legends
  • Maybe try out streaming on Twitch
  • Swap my car with one that actually works
  • Buy a house
  • Start planning my wedding

To be honest, while writing these points, I’m thinking that I definitelly have a lot on my plate. I’ll have to prioritise but I’m sure that I’ll dip my hand in all of them to some degree or other.

Feels good to be back, excited for what the future may bring.

Until the next one, take care.